Stabile- La Prestigiosa

La Prestigiosa

In 1978 Giovanni Barbieri who had a thorough knowledge of food machines, particularly in sales, being supported by his loyal friend partner, Mr. Benito Revelin, a well known person in the company, designed and built a pasta machine with a promising name. Thanks to technical solutions that already at that time were innovative and met with the approval of customers both in Italy and in the world, a brand to last in the future was thus created.


Our long-lasting machines are reliable and simple to use. They are made with state-of-the art alloys including bronze which is known as the best metal to extrude pasta. Our machines do not need any specific assistance. They have been designed and built to be used by any end-user therefore no specific knowledge is needed by those who wish to start a satisfactory pasta business anywhere in the world. Our sales and market service date back to 1978, and our knowledge of foreign languages allows us to offer our services worldwide. Our experienced team is business-minded and customer friendly, a family and a close-knit team that provides on going support to customers who, from clients, in the long run, become our friends.

At the end of the 80s, Mr. Brabieri set up another company that he named C.I.A. Thanks to the support of his sons, Gianfranco e Antonella, the company started to manifacture and sale packaging machines.

Today C.I.A. operates in Villaverla (Vicenza) and holds the brand "La Prestigiosa", suggesting a complete line of products to produce and to pack fresh pasta, dried pasta, frozen pasta, including also packing machines for various type of food.

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